Do you do background music?

Yes we do. this is actually how we start many of our gigs as people filter in etc. It can be tailor made to your precise requirements. Whether its a formal dinner or a sit down breakfast we c an play any form of music at a low volume for as long as you want.



How much do you charge?


The charge is based on when, where and the duration of the event. It is difficult to quote a price without understanding what you require, every event is different and it is important that we are both happy with the services and price agreed.



"My mate can do a disco for £80!"


At the end of the day you get what you pay for. There are loads of people out there with some disco equipment, no insurance and not much experience trying to earn a few bob on the odd weekend! All of our DJ's are full time seasoned professionals and know what they are doing. As with everything else, it's worth spending a bit more for a much better act.


I have a band booked, can you play along side them?


yes, in fact we love supporting bands as we can have a certain theme to the evening. We can start the evening, do the break and finish the night too.



Do you issue a contract?


yes. we prepare a Booking form about the function once we have discussed and agreed the details.This makes sure that we are both clear about the arrangements, and most people find it comforting to have the booking in writing. There are more details about the Booking Agreement on the Terms & Conditions page



What type of music do you play?


We carry a vast selection of music from the 50s, to the current day.



Will you play a specific track and requests?


yes, And you can allways email us your requests






Will you carry on after the agreed end time?


yes, but subject to agreement with the venue (they often have planning or licensing restrictions) and subject to payment - The charge is very reasonable.




What about lights and special effects?


We have a selection of professional disco lights which will provide lighting throughout the venue. We also sometime use a fantastic smoke machine and laser show (depending on the event, venue, etc), - please let me know if you do not want me to use any particular effect.